Our Kickstarter goal has been reached!!!

We are eternally grateful! Thanks to every single person who pledged. It means so much to have your support! We can’t wait to share this new album with you all. We will try very hard to make it worthy of your backing. Videos and updates coming soon!



She’s Alive

Played in Kazimierz. New song.

That Man

Played at Kazimierz. One of our favorites.

Video Shoot!

We love Kazimierz so much we had to do a few acoustic videos here. Esther is so great to work with! Videos coming soon.



A View


… from the stage at our 4th of July show in Malibu.

Matthew Plays Banjo?


Mobile Blogging?

If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be posting a blog from my iPad in 10 years, I would have said “How do you know? And what is a blog? And what is an iPad? And how did you get in my house?” But you would have been right. And I can’t thank you enough for what you would have gone through to get me that message if it were possible and if you wanted to tell, me and you actually went through with it… which you obviously didn’t.

So no thanks to you, here’s my first mobile post on our super important blog.




Ooooooohhhhh crap. We started a blog. More to come in a year or two when we figure out how to use it.